Audio tours for adults

Expanding knowledge and interests

For adults, visiting a cultural institution or other site of interest is a leisure activity … and our free time is, after all, infinitely precious to us. This is where the desire to make the best possible use of it springs from and that, in turn, gives rise to growing expectations. MOVITECH audio guides answer to those requirements. They are designed for a specific task … to capture the visitor’s interest without giving them the sense of being fed a surfeit of knowledge.

One key aspect of an audio tour for adults is first-class navigation. It might be their first visit to a given site of interest, but this does not mean that they feel lost. The voice from the device talks to them in very much the same way as a ‘live’ guide would, which makes their visit both comfortable and trouble-free.

At MOVITECH, we can create tours for adults covering all kinds of indoor and outdoor sites of interest.

Audio tours of exhibitions

Each individual’s personal areas of interest play a leading role during a visit to any exhibition and decide which objects or media the visitor will approach. This means that the accompanying narrative cannot simply herd them along a pre-established route, but must be designed to allow them to pursue the aspects that engage them and then return to the ‘main tour’. At MOVITECH, we create tours which are also synchronised with the films and multimedia presentations on display. The result is an audio guide which serves as a comprehensive tool for each individual visitor.

Audio tours of historical and open-air sites

How does one go about ensuring that a stroll through an historical district of a city or town is not only a pleasure, but also becomes a tale filled with fascinating information? How does one animate the parks and gardens of stately homes? How does one bring the mysterious interiors and histories of centuries-old sacred buildings to life? An audio tour provides the answer to all of those questions. On the one hand, it helps sightseers to make their way to spots which are not a part of the everyday tourist itinerary. On the other hand, it helps them to explore the most important and ‘must-see’ sites in a given place.

Sample projects

Turystka - audioprzewodnik z Krakowa
MOVITECH audio tours for adults enable people to develop their own interests
Urządzenia do audio wycieczek - nowoczesne muzeum
A MOVITECH audio guide integrated with film screenings and touch screens is a frequently used solution