Audio tours for the blind and visually impaired

The MOVI system includes the capability of creating audio tours for individual visitors with impaired vision. In this instance, the audio guide fulfils two primary functions.

Providing a navigation aid and information concerning location

To enable blind and vision-impaired people to move around a site smoothly and independently, MOVITECH designates ‘zones’ where recordings are played automatically, in line with the visitor’s location. The previously prepared sound content providing navigational content simultaneously constitutes the route of the tour. This method allows the visitor to explore the site in an organised fashion which is also optimal in terms of their needs.

The MOVITECH device also adjusts to individual situations and behaviour. When the visitor moves around more quickly, the commentaries to whatever they have bypassed are omitted. When they move around more slowly, the device will wait for them to arrive at the next stop on the tour before playing the related commentary.

Audio descriptions

Audio descriptions are recordings designed to impart information about what a display or object looks like and the content it is conveying. They are created to meet the cognitive capabilities of blind and sight-impaired people. As such, they are a vividly illuminating and, above all, extraordinarily educational feature.

MOVITECH offers both technical assistance and content-related support, including the creation of the audio descriptions themselves. It goes without saying that in this area, too, we work to meet the particular requirements of each individual institution.

If we take the technical infrastructure into account, then our largest undertaking in the audio description field to date is the Podszepty project, which can be enjoyed in the Edward Herbst Palace Museum in Łódź.

Samples of audio descriptions created for the Centrum Nauki Keplera / Johannes Kepler Science Centre, Zielona Góra, West Poland