Audio tours for the whole family

The joy of shared experience

Spending time with the children doing something that is both fun and worthwhile is every parent’s aim. And that is exactly why MOVITECH creates audio tours for the whole family. Our family tours set out to involve adults and children alike, to inspire them to discover and explore together and to lay the foundations for a genuine, family experience which will remain in their memories for years to come.


MOVITECH audio tours for the whole family open the doors to …
• a visit involving active participation;
• spending time as a family, sharing experiences, discoveries and learning;
• a wealth of knowledge and intriguing facts.


When we produce a MOVITECH audio tour for the whole family, our guiding principle and firm priority is creating an experience which will offer the joy of shared discovery to children and their parents alike. This is why our audio tour scenarios and scripts are created with the highest possible care and represent the golden mean between conveying knowledge and lightness of form. Our offer encompasses audio tours of both indoor and outdoor exhibitions and sites of interest.

Audio tours of exhibitions

The narrative of the tour is designed to build a context which is absolutely clear to the whole family and closely linked to what they are seeing. This will familiarise visitors with aspects such as successive eras, interesting events and important figures. Story-telling, dialogues and sound effects are just a very few of the tools we use to build the family’s sense of the world in front of their eyes … and leave children and their parents alike reluctant to step out of it.

Audio tours of historical and open-air sites

At historical and open-air sites, we need to stimulate the visitor’s imagination if they are to explore the mysteries which lie beyond what they can actually see. A MOVITECH audio tour can do more than simply reveal some of those secrets. It can also be designed to encourage people to make their own discoveries, with the hire or loan of the device including a set of props such as a compass, binoculars or a magnifying glass, for instance. It will be no simple matter though … so parental support will certainly come in very handy!

Visitors’ opinions:

  • The best thing of all was the little telephone, because it explained everything really nicely, so I understood it all. Thank you very much for creating this museeum 🙂 (Zuza, 10 tears old)
  • What I liked best duering the whole tour was the puzzles. They were put together in an awesomely interesting way (…). Apart from that, what made the tour varied for me were the audio products. The nice, calm voice of the person speaking also made the time pass pleasantly. (Miłosz, 13 years old)
  • The thing I liked best about the whole tour was using the compass to explore (…). Generally speaking, the whole tour was really interesting. I hope I can come back here again some time. (Gabrysia, 10 years old)
Opinions collected by the Porta Posnania during an evaluation of the family tour.

Sample projects

Rodzinne audiowycieczki
During an audio tour, the chance for parents and children to explore things together is beyond price.
audiowycieczki, muzeum
MOVITECH audio tours for the whole family are a form of education for adults and children alike.