Conference mode

The MOVI system also operates in conference mode.

The capabilities this provides include:

1. Simultaneous translation

Here, guests from abroad who are attending a talk receive a Movitech audio guide device and headphones, just like individuals and groups visiting a site of interest. Each translator is equipped with a special MOVI system transmitter and microphone. All the listener has to do is use the key pad on their audio guide device to switch to the translation being provided in the language that suits them.

2. Transmitting audio material prepared previously in multiple languages.

Imagine a situation where a film is being screened with the original soundtrack playing over speakers in an auditorium filled with audience members from more than one country. What about all the people who have little or no command of the language in question? If additional versions have been prepared in other languages, they can be played via the MOVI system. Then audience members from abroad simply select a language option on their audio guide device and listen to it through the headphones.

One great advantage of this Movitech solution is the fact that one and the same system can be used for individual visitors, groups and, in conference mode, for multilingual gatherings.

This provides a range of benefits not only for visitors and guests, who have the comfort of using one device all the time, but also for institutions, relieving them of the necessity of purchasing additional systems.