Interactive displays

At MOVITECH, we create more than just audio guides and are always happy to take on new and, above all, non-standard challenges. The interactive displays we developed for the Centrum Nauki Keplera Planetarium Wenus / the Johannes Kepler Science Centre Venus Planetarium  in the West Polish city of Zielona Góra are just one example. They constitute part of an exhibition devoted to experiments in optical physics. Each display was developed from scratch and demanded an individual approach from our team, who created numerous prototypes and carried out a host of trials in each and every case. Their knowledge, skill, commitment and painstaking thoroughness enabled them to attain the desired results.

Eksponaty interaktywne - audioprzewodniki z Krakowa

Colour wheels, lamps and cranks …

these elements suffice when it comes to repeating Sir Isaac Newton’s experiment of 1704. The aim is to observe how the component colours combine to form other colours.
Eksponaty interaktywne - urządzenia do zwiedzania

The diffraction of white light through a prism …

is one of the most beautiful experiments of all time, according to physicists. Their opinion is certainly worth independent investigation.
Eksponaty interaktywne - audioprzewodniki z Krakowa

When the light of a laser passes through a lens and a prism ...

it not only produces a fascinating visual effect, but, first and foremost, it tells us how light refracts.
Pokazy fizyki - audioprzewodniki dla muzeów

A glass tube …

allows us to observe the total internal reflection of light, thanks to which, we discover how optical fibres work.
Eksponaty interaktywne - audiozwiedzanie

The best-known spectrum is the spectrum of white light …

but this display provides a unique chance to explore the spectra of sodium-vapour and xenon lamps, amongst others.
Eksponaty interaktywne - audiowycieczki

Some experiments have gone down in the history of physics …

and one of them is Crookes’ Radiometer, also known as Crookes’ Light Mill. This display gives visitors the chance of observing it for themselves.