From the word go, we have remained true to our conviction that the best visitor aid system is the one which is invisible.

After all, the technology is not an end in itself, but simply one of the means for achieving visitor comfort and increasing the informational and educational value of their visit. The less engaged they are with using the equipment, the more focused they will be on the tour.

In order for this to happen, the MOVI system must be customised to become an inherent part of an institution’s landscape.

Our vigilant team of engineers watches over the flexibility of our technology and systematically extends it to incorporate new functions. The same is true of our audio guides. We have the capability of Siedem cudów Polskimodifying their parameters because we design and manufacture all the devices ourselves.

This means that, with every new project our system is extended and improved.

Examples of our latest functions:

1. Mass recording of content across devices

In large institutions, it often becomes necessary to update or extend earlier recordings by adding a new language version or exhibition, for instance. So we have built an automatic content update capability into the MOVI system. This function is so highly developed that creating new content can be carried out remotely or ‘in the cloud’. We begin by preparing one device, which entails recording the new content on it. When the updated audio guide is placed in the charger, the contents of its memory are automatically transferred to as many as a hundred other devices simultaneously. As a result, in institutions with several hundred audio guides, the entire updating process takes no more than a few hours.

2. Automatic route selection in line with the day of the week

What we had in mind when we designed and built this function were institutions where a different tour route applies on a particular day, such as Monday, for instance, when some exhibitions are closed to the public. When the device is turned on, it recognises the day of the week and automatically selects the appropriate route.

3. Automatic shortening of a tour route

It often happens that visitors who buy a ticket just moments before the ticket office closes will not be able see the entire exhibition and have to stop and leave when they are only part-way along the route. In order to prevent this, the MOVI system adapts the route and the amount of information it conveys in line with the current time. If closing time is approaching, then the system automatically shortens the route and only takes the visitor to the most important points. In this way, they are provided with a tour which is adapted to the time limits but is still cohesive and worthwhile.