Group tours

If the statistics are anything to go by, then very few of us decide on completely solitary visits to sites of interest.

We are happier setting out together with family or friends. However, we quite often also find ourselves making a visit of this kind as part of a large, organised group. The arrival of ‘visitors by the coachload’ can present a challenge not only to small-scale sites with somewhat restricted space, but also to the greatest institutions in the land, accustomed as they are to throngs.

How can that challenge be met? What can be done in order to avoid situations where half the group simply cannot here what their guide is saying ... and where the guide’s own efforts to be heard by everyone in their group disturb other visitors and spoil their enjoyment? The MOVITECH solution to this problem is an audio tour system designed especially for groups.

Turystka w muzeum - audioprzewodniki z Krakowa

Microphone + earphones

The MOVITECH group tour system provides the guide with a transmitter and microphone and connects them with the audio guide devices and headphones used by the visitors in the party they are showing around. This means that no group will disturb any other group and makes it possible for each guide to talk to their party softly and quietly, yet with the certainty that everyone will hear them.

The voice is just the start

A MOVITECH group tour system includes another crucial function, allowing the person showing the party around to launch all manner of other material, such as films, multimedia displays, recordings and files. The result is a guided tour which goes beyond the traditional conventions, gaining new dimensions.

The same devices serve both individual and group tours, making the MOVITECH solution outstandingly advantageous in both functional and economic terms.

Audio guide MOVITECH zwiedzanie grupowe