Our Vision

Every day, thousands of visitors pass through the entrance to museums and all sorts of other sites of interest

At the same time, studies carried out all over the world have shown that every visitor group has its own way of approaching a visit and that their expectations are not only different, but are often completely contradictory.

In order to create a space which is visitor-friendly and designed to suit each and every person passing through the entrance, it is essential to incorporate adaptation to specific groups.

Those groups include families with children, adults, children, seniors and enthusiasts with a knowledge and love of a given topic, to give but a few examples.

And so we face a challenge. How can we adapt one site of interest to the requirements of such a variety of visitor groups?

The solution to the problem is, of course, audio tours. Audio guides created with the thought of diverse groups firmly in mind and respecting not only their requirements, but also their habits and preferences as visitors.

When approached in this way, one site of interest can be flexible enough to suit any number of groups, such as families with children, adults, seniors, subject enthusiasts and visitors from other countries, for instance.