Saving Energy

At MOVITECH, we work extremely hard to ensure that our technological solutions not only serve the visitors who use them, but also contribute to the optimal functioning of the institutions implementing them. In fact, this is one of the reasons behind our particular insistence on the energy-saving factors of the MOVI system.

This takes place on two planes:

Nowoczesne audioprzewodniki MOVITECH

Producing energy-saving devices

Our research and development department works unceasingly to achieve a significant extension of the working life of our devices and, at the same time, to minimise their recharging time. One of the ways of bringing this about is the introduction of audio guides in an energy-saving mode, with a timeout feature which suspends the screen as soon as there is no activity on the visitor’s part. This is advantageous from their point of view, since it ensures that the battery will not run out during their visit and it also benefits the institution, since the same device can be lent or hired out several times in succession without needing to be recharged. In the wider perspective, it optimises electricity consumption.

Energy-saving lighting optimisation

It is also possible to use our audio guides to control the lighting illuminating an exhibit. This is a feature which can considerably reduce electricity consumption and running costs. Our MOVI system devices are equipped with a function for adapting lighting to the requirements of the moment, which means that the light or lights will only come on when needed.
In practice, this opens up the field to numerous useful solutions, such as:
• illuminating specific showcases or selected exhibits at the moment when the narrator on the audio guide starts talking about them; this also helps the visitor to find the item in question far more quickly;
• the possibility of arranging for all the lighting in an exhibition space to go out when there are no visitors there;
• setting the length of time for the showcase or exhibit the narrator is talking about to be illuminated.

MOVITECH’s intelligent lighting management system, correlated with the energy-saving audio guide means increased comfort not only for visitors, but also for the institute managing a given exhibition. It simplifies the task of optimisation it and can reduce the running costs considerably, which, in turn, has a positive impact on the natural environment.